The world is an incredible place even through the haziness of unfortunate events.
Enflaith is a group of people with two aims in mind. Firstly, they want to build a connection to the local community and give them the knowledge of their primary water sources. Secondly, they will walk the length and breadth of Ireland to do so.
Water. H20. 70% of what our bodies are. It’s vital to our everyday lives and it’s extremely important we do what we can to protect it. Enflaith looks at wells as a source of water and healing properties. We can look at the main purpose of water which is for hydration (to keep us hydrated) and cleanliness.
On August 1st, Enflaith will be walking from Ballinskelling, Co. Kerry. What’s the reason behind the walk? It stems from the ‘All Is Well’ project which is a nation-wide project in Ireland. All Is Well tells the tale of giving the
residents of Ireland the opportunity of taking ownership of their own water supply. Holy wells should be seen as safe drinking wells where people can drink the purest water as it’s mineral-rich and works wonders for your body and mind

What’s fascinating is that what many people don’t realise is that we need minerals to digest our food properly. Our water in the taps is stripped due to the processes it undergoes to reach our taps. Can you spare the time to join Enflaith on their #WaterWalk? Be active with the intention to be open to what emerges. Have the best chance of meeting those intentions with real hope, determination and let our voices be heard and water flow freely. You can follow their journey from their location to how’re they’re
getting on via their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/559524881113460/